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THE OLD SAYING, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, shouldn’t strike anyone as a “new” idea. But, looking towards the future and evaluating potential issues often takes more perspective than one organization can muster. The true “risk health” of your company includes aspects of insurance, workplace safety, and human resources.

AT MOMENTIV, we align these components under one roof offering your company these benefits, and better yet, we often do it at the same or less expense to your organization.Each of our policies include consulting credits that you can apply wherever your company could use a hand. You have access to over five decades of professional experience in the fields of Insurance, Bonds, Human Resources, Industrial Safety, Worker’s Comp, and Injury Prevention & Management.

Our Solutions



ARE YOU feeling lucky, punk? Insurance is a staple of business risk management, but insurance companies can be a little “charge first and ask questions later”. At Momentiv we play the good cop, making sure our partners understand your motives and see your side of the case. We investigate your passions and question what keeps you up at night, giving us the insight needed to craft realistic solutions that have your back. Consider your business, part of our beat.

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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

YOU WOULDN’T ship something valuable without proper packaging, not if you wanted it to arrive in one piece. Your people are way more precious to your business then any package. When preparing your people for all of business’s journeys, you owe it to them to take appropriate precautions. We advance your awareness to workplace hazards, injuries, and downtime to mitigate risk and prevent loss, creating optimum efficiency. Consider us your “business bubble-wrap”.

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Human Resources

Human Resources

DO YOU employ gnomes? Yeah, we didn’t think so… but, if you did, they’d still need retirement savings, health insurance, employee manuals, and resolutions to large-hat-related conflicts. Yeah, they’d need just about the same things. These are some of Momentiv’s magical powers. We relieve stress, lighten your workload, all while enchanting compliance & critical administrative tasks, regardless of your employee’s size. Consider us your Knight in reasonably-polished armor.

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Our Process



Get to know you and your business.



Uncover hidden hazards and key risk areas that can impact your business



Develop an ongoing strategy to prevent and manage risk effectively



Educate you and your employees on sustaining a safe workplace



Momentiv will help every step of the way

Partner with Momentiv to discover a new approach to managing risk in your business. 

Our Team

Justin Black
Justin BlackCEO & Founder
Justin specializes in risk management and helping clients improve critical workplace issues: return-to-work cases, injury management, workers’ compensation claims management, safety and training. Using proven methods, Justin helps clients cut costs while improving productivity and increasing revenue.

“I believe you can experience greater success, higher efficiency and better outcomes when there is a strategic collaboration between your insurance, human resources and safety programs.”

Corry Gruwell
Corry GruwellSafety Director
Corry is an expert in all things safety with 15 years experience in the field. His passion involves creating winning safety cultures by eliminating critical workplace hazards while maintaining compliance, free from fines. With Corry’s experience, knowledge, and the use of technology he is modernizing our clients’ risk prevention and management practices.

“Safety isn’t first…It’s Always; and it’s everyone’s responsibility. I believe with my help and your team’s dedication; we can create a safety culture where everyone shares the same attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values.”

Laurie C. Edgerton
Laurie C. EdgertonHuman Resource Advisor
Laurie packs more than 20 years of experience in human resources, as a generalist, in management, and as an HR director. She loves the human resource field for its diversity and personal involvement.

“Proper HR can be the key to great hires, talent retention, and cost savings. I believe I can make a positive difference to your overall success by sharing my experience in the human resources field and focusing on the most important issues you’re faced with today.”

Andrea Black
Andrea BlackPresident
Andrea grew up in an insurance agency family and has worked in the industry for more than 15 years. She is passionate about bringing all aspects of business together to make companies successful. Andrea has been a partner in several businesses and understands what it takes to make them work.

“Growing up in business, I have come to love the energy that drives entrepreneurial companies to do great things. By protecting growth momentum and managing risk, you can achieve greater success, all while sustaining that energy.”


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